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Good Food is my Obsession. Stress Reliever. Get away excuse. Getting close with Friends.

Random food find

Trying out vanilla bean pudding @chezkarine … and it’s good~ love the creaminess #babaengmasiba

My kind of chill out sunday afternoon…

Have you ever thought, like if you are doing something wrong while eating? Especially if we are eating in a different country or different culture.

Check this site out —» proper dining etiquette we did not know.

Just as they say.. ignorance is never an excuse. 

Hope it helps! 

It has been so long since I’ve seen my other friends from college… about 8 months I think? *hahaha* blame it on our crazy work schedules!!! 

Well anyways, We finally had time to meet, but not everyone was available. It was still fun seeing them, catching up… 

Of course eating is something mandatory when we see each other, mga babaeng masiba (glutton girls), of course we love to eat! ^_^ And since our pockets are on the verge of dying, we chose to eat somewhere not so expensive and saw Dimsum Break. Here is what I ordered:

Bacon shaomai and original fried rice. Just what I needed from my monotonous days. 

My other friends ordered wanton noodle soup, beef steak rice and hakaw, whose pictures are not available because we are more busy catching up. *haha*

Dessert comes next, oh how I love to eat with my girlfriends! *haha* Dairy Queen is the next stop for some desserts. I ordered DQ sandwich.

We feel like we still had a lot to talk about, but it was I think 11pm or past 11pm, mall was closing and had to leave. Hope we will be more than 4 people next time that we would meet up. It was nice seeing. talking and laughing with them.. brings back memories.

Till next time! 

Dimsum Break:

3rd Floor Sm North Annex building

We were craving for Korean chicken we tasted from Korea last year, or I at least was craving for it. 

I already came across a Blog that there is a Two two chicken here in Manila, but was a little lazy and the craving is not that much to push me to go there. 

At last! My food buddy is up for an adventure to go and eat there last night. As the first one to arrive and enter the place, it was full of Korean customers and they just starred at me as I entered the place *don’t know what i did wrong.. haha*. Then came my food buddy and she said she experienced the same *haha*.

We were only going to order Chicken and it was not available until 10pm, because they were still marinating it. They gave us an appetizer while waiting…


A little past 10pm, our chicken arrived! yey! 


Half original fried chicken and half sweet and spicy. Well the sweet and spicyness of the chicken was tolerable, in fact it was really good. Although the sauce was not enough *bitin*, it was the only difference from the one from korea.

In the end, craving satisfied! yey! 


Cheers to that! ^_^ Iced tea served in chilled glasses.


New year, new foods and restos to try~! Sana sa susunod mas madami na tayo! :)

Random food Finds

Peanut butter snickers

Mini Tic Tac

Food for family get together

Stuffed Mondays

  1. Chuo chuo cream: comes in marshmallow/chocolate with mung bean
  2. Seaweed galore; Flavors: Kimchi, Bulgogi, Original and Wasabi (Never liked the wasabi flavor, too hot for me)
  3.  Pepero Almond flavor
  4. Market O real brownie; This was really moist brownie, really liked it.
  5. Sesame seed chocolate; really loved this chocolate, something new yet really good.
  6. Green tea chocolate; really loved this one as well.
  7. Seaweed chocolate; Something new to try, if you like seaweed, try it!
  8. Choco Pie; pasalubong

This is last on my Korea related post. 

I recommend buying pasalubong from Namdaemun market. Because its cheaper and you can still haggle to buy it at an ever cheaper price.

Stuffed Mondays

  1. Nami Barbecue sausage Ad - Nami Island
  2. Nami Barbecue sausage - Nami Island
  3. Spicy Chicken Bibimbap - Nami Island
  4. Banchan - Hole in the wall restaurant in Namdaemun Market
  5. Soft Tofu stew - Hole in the wall restaurant in Namdaemun Market
  6. Pork Mandu - Hole in the wall restaurant in Namdaemun Market
  7. Green tea heaven - Osulloc @ Myeongdong